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Do you need to sell your home quickly? Do you want to sell your property AS-IS?
Is your house distressed, in disrepair, in jeopardy of tax or mortgage foreclosure?

Oxford Clay buys single family homes, multi-family houses, and apartment buildings; and we
work with owners to get them a fair, and fast, price for their property. And, when Oxford Clay
buys your property, there are no fees or sales commissions to pay.

Since most of the properties we purchase we renovate and keep as rentals, we are generally able
to offer higher prices than house-buying wholesalers who simply sell your property to an
investor. So why not cut out the middleman?

At Oxford Clay, our intent is to find a fair and equitable solution for all parties. We will consider
all properties, and will tell you on the spot if we are interested. No property is too small or too
expensive; and if we aren't interested, we have a large network of buyers to refer you to.

There is no commitment or obligation on your part by contacting us; and we welcome the
opportunity to speak with you about your property.

So stop worrying about it, and do something about it. Call us now at 585-321- 5678.

email: info@oxfordclayrealty.com